TV Productions - 2002

Production: The Jam Ski and Snowboard
Director: Alban Egger
Our job: POV Camera, Set Coordination

Production: Sölden Freeskiing
Director: Gerald Salmina
Our job: Set Coordinator, Journalist

Production: Herge - The Documentary
Director: Anders Ostergaard
Our job: Actor, Stuntdouble, Alpine Safety

Production: Sölden Basecamp
Director: Bezi Freinademetz
Our job: Producer, Camera

Production: Red Bull Freeskiing of Chamonix
Director: Gerald Salmina
Our job: Setcoordinator, Journalist

Production: Extreme Boarder
Director: Verena Örley
Our job: Producer

Production: Tiroler Versicherung - SAAC
Director: Chillys Tirol TV
Our job: Production Mangement

Production: SAAC ORF Magazin 25
Director: Stefan Janovy
Our job: Setcoordination, Archivematerial

Production: Snowskatechaos Seegrube
Our job: Camera

Production: Etnies Bowlskating - Partyfilm
Director: Mattl Hoffmann
Our job: Producer

Production: Musicvideo Bazzooka, MB 2000
Director: BMG, Der Helicopter
Our job: Serviceproduction