Mercedes Marco Polo Chamonix July 2016

Great Experience shooting with Benedikt Böhm and my old friend Günther Göberl.
The French Alps were giving us a last chance befoe a bad weatherwindow hit the alps…
grateful for a beautiuful meeting of nice characters from germany, romania and austria.
it was neighboursday this day in france.
thanks hensli, you were the hero of the days.








Porsche Commercial Autumn 2015

Serviceproduction was done by an italian colleague, with whom we work a lot.
we did locationscouting, locationmanagement, Art Director, Prodzuction coordination and alpine safety.
Shooting in the earlky morning on nearly 3000 meters crerates amazing light situations and great images.
fast car, perfect location – perfect product. everybody happy.

T-Mobile commercial shoot October 2015

Locationscouting for snow in autumn is always a challenge. here we realized 5 different commercials in snow in beginning of october.
director Tomas Barina directed with beautiful actor Ivan Trojan some funny spots.
great athmosphere, a bit of artificial oxygen a great experience! Thanks Radek!

BMW internationale campaign 2015, car commercial

 Locationscouting for car commercials is always a pleasure, especially in times like this, where creatives get really great ideas, how to present cars. THP from Berlin with Ralf always have great sceneries where they put the technical machines. Great shots!

BMW – Augmented by Reality DC from triggerhappyproductions on Vimeo.

Meßmer Tea commercial 2014/15

Location scouting was a tricky one in this case, as we needed a lift operator willing to let us use his lift and stop it occasionally during the day. The lift had to be an “oldschool” one with obviously great surrounding snowy alpine landscape and logistic doable to bring crew and cast there.

In the heart of the Austian Alps, in the lovely province of Salzburg we scouted the ultimate location. Flexible and understanding locationowners made it possible to do this shoot during a great winterday. The shots of the cables and rolls high up on the lift poles were done by Bezi Freinademetz, as a mountainguide he was the only one allowed by the locationowner to enter these high structures.

Dutch ING DiBa in the Austrian Alps

Location scouting wasn´t the main focus of this project. Simply because there was no time for it. A filmers firebrigade hits it more. a spontaneous young crew of dutch filmmakers did this ambitious spot. Our locationmanager Heinz quickly decided to become a tracking shots on ski cameraman and as you see succeeded.

At ING DiBa Dutch skiers seeking fun in the Austian Alps.

Snelle Jelle – Carinthia

Frozen Lake in Autumn as Filmlocation

Frozen Lake in Autumn as Filmlocation

Diese Werbung, bei der 17 Nationen am Set waren, wurde von einer slowenischen Serviceproduktionsfirma für eine dänische Produktionsfirma für einen niederländischen Kunden produziert. Herausforderung war, eine zusammenhängende und wie sich kurz vor Dreh herausstellte begehbare Eisfläche zu finden.

Natürlich nicht im Winter, das wäre ja zu einfach… Aufgrund der Jahreszeit mussten wir in hohe Gefilde ausweichen und fanden gottseidank großes Verständnis beim Locationeigentümer vor.


Audi Commercial

Locationscouting for this Audi commercial was tricky, as the snowconditions were quite limited and we had to build some ramps and jumps from snow on a great place with great scenery… In the end we found this great place, and with the help of the touristboard we were able to make this shoot happen.

scenic place in a remote area

TNT commercial … with a lot of computer animation

Research in our location picture archive and locationscouting on location in the austrian alps led to this nice job. Great that an austrian alpine road played a role in this international commercial spot. Austrian Alps for dutch transport company.