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Catalogue Fotopshoot Conley August 2016

cows, cottages, lakes all what the alps can offer in summer. even up to the glaciers we went to get a bot of a winter feeling. nice shoot in great locations. jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-7-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-6-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-5-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-4-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-3-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-2-von-7 jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-1-von-7

VW Fotoshoot Dec. 2014

Difficult to find snow these days. In the end the Locationscouting on highalpine roads was successfull and the flexibility of our tyrolean locationowners helped again massively.

  IMG_0749 IMG_0703 IMG_0669 IMG_0639 IMG_0630

You Fashion Magazine, Mailonsunday - 2006

Year: 2006
Director: Rebbecca Glifedder
Our job: Serviceproduction

Photographie - 2005

Topic: Touristboard Innsbruck
Our job: Archive Material, Picture Agency

Topic: SAAB Neatherlands
Director: Phoxx
Our job: Locationmanagement

Photographie - 2004

Topic: Bergamont / Tirol Werbung / Starshot
Director: Kai Stuht von Neupauer
Our job: Locationmanagement, Props

Topic: Kick Off – Voll Korrekt – Tirol Werbung
Director: Ulrich Weinert
Our job: Serviceproduktion   

Topic: Österreich Tourist Board
Director: Willi Puchner
Our job: Location Manager

Photographie - 2002

Topic: Louis Vuitton
Our job: Locationscouting, Alpinconsulting

Topic: Bravo Sport
Photos: SAAC
Our job: Producer

Snowboard Revue - 1992

Year: 1992
 Rumania, Transylvania, Snowboard - Ski 
Director: Günther Gröbl
Our job: Potoassistent