Dutch ING DiBa in the Austrian Alps

Location scouting wasn´t the main focus of this project. Simply because there was no time for it. A filmers firebrigade hits it more. a spontaneous young crew of dutch filmmakers did this ambitious spot. Our locationmanager Heinz quickly decided to become a tracking shots on ski cameraman and as you see succeeded.

At ING DiBa Dutch skiers seeking fun in the Austian Alps.

TNT commercial … with a lot of computer animation

Research in our location picture archive and locationscouting on location in the austrian alps led to this nice job. Great that an austrian alpine road played a role in this international commercial spot. Austrian Alps for dutch transport company.

TV Productions – 2006

Production:  Austrian Snowboard Masters
Director: Harry Putz
Our job: Trackingshots on skies

Production: Frejns Inferno
Director: Werner Prackwieser
Our job: Trackingshots on skies, Interviews

Production: Redbullromaniacs
Director: Mike Bemmer
Our job: Videojournalist on Motorbike, Coordinator

Production: Soko Kitzbühel
Director: Isabelle
Our job: Alpine Safety and Stunt Coordination

Commercial – 2006

Product: VW Crosspolo
Director: Susi Schmidt
Our job: Service production

Product: VW Trilogie ( Golf, Polo, GTI)
Director: Susi Schmidt
Our job: Production coordinator Switzerland

Product: VW Imagefilm Wideangle
Our job: Location scouting Tyrol

Product: Audi A6 Allroad
Director: Susi Schmidt
Our job: Service production

Product: T-Mobile Slovakia
Director: Sandor
Our job: Service production

Product: Bombardier Canada
Director: Jean Michel Ravon
Our job: Service production

TV Productions – 2005

Production: A lua me disse, Telenovela Brasil, Globo TV
Director: Rogerio Souza
Our job: Serviceproduction

Production: Ausgelöscht
Director: Dorfilm Vienna
Our job: Locationscouting, Location Manager Assistant

Production: Matador Extremeboarder
Director: Ulli Hoschek
Our job: POV Camera

Production: Red Bull Romaniacs
Director: Mike Bemmer
Our job: DV Cam Camera, Coordination

Production: Soko Kitzbühel
Our job: Safetywork

Production: Fischer Freeride Video
Director: Gerald Salmina
Our job: Camera