Welcome to Jungle Productions in the heart of the alps

  • Your partner for any kind of productions.
  • Homebase in Innsbruck Tyrol Austria in the center of the alps.
  • Experience from Hollywood movies to web commercials.
  • Locationscouting, Filmservice, Alpine Safety
  • Film - TV Production

We are a network of “picture driven” people. From organizing Full Service for any kind of productions to our own projects – we are flexible.

We work together with freelancers from the film industry from the Tirol or from Munich and Vienna.
Good connections to all different types of people allow us to service any kind of unforeseen happenings.

Since 1996 we work in the film and foto industry. Starting at the Air & Style Snowboard contest managing the live transmissions to TV - via the Snowboard world cup we moved to film and commercial productions.

Working as Location manager for the Vin Diesel Movie “Triple X” , Location scouting with Paramount Pictures for “Mission Impossible 3” or some Special Snow scenes for the Marco Kreuzpaintner Movie “Krabat” show, that Tirol is an outstanding production place and people from all over the world like to work with us.

We are good friends with the people in the Tyrolean Film commission Cinetirol which can help to move things if needed.

Nothing too big, nothing too small. No request too strange – Snow in Summer or early autumn – we will find it! Due to growing up in the mountains we established a production company that deals with mountains and the extreme conditions that can occur during “doing it in the mountains”.
I am international certified mountain guide UIAGM - so mountains are my hobby and my business. Working extensively in Romania we are familiar with locations and film people there – we can offer location and production service as well in Romania, especially in Transilvania,that offers locations from medieval cities to beautiful nature.