Service Production

  • Production management, logistics, locations in mid Europe and Romania
  • Location archive: Europe, Austria, Tirol, Osttirol, Südtirol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Kärnten, Oberösterreich, Steiermark, Niederösterreich, Italien, Frankreich, Romania, Canada, South America, Central America, Indonesia, New Zealand
  • Location management: legal affairs, working with local authorities, filmservice, productionservice in tirol
  • Crewbooking: makeup artists, drivers, propmaster, production assistant, light and grip, DOP, Directors
  • Equipment rental: austrian setphones, walkie talkies, Avalanche Beacons, etc.
  • Stuntcoordination: ski, snowboard, stuntmen, crevasses, bombing avalanches, snowboard, extremeskiing, hanggliding, kayak, freestyle, skiing, snowboarding, precisiondriver on snow, etc.
  • Script consulting
  • Housing
  • Catering

catering alpine IMG_6852

Location Scouting

The Alps offer various different landscapes and architecture. From classic more than 100 years old chalets to outstanding modern architecture.

Our alpine locations stood in for Antarctica, Norway, Himalaya, Canada and various other places already in our backyard.

Our biggest bonus is the perfect infrastructure in terms of streets or cable cars. We can approach eternal ice by car or truck and offer spectacular mountain views by only a short cable car ride or even directly from the road. Especially the touristic infrastructure of Tirol offers the possibility to reach great locations.

winterliche Traumlandschaft direkt neben der Strasse in Tirol


Alpine consulting

  • Alpine safety, ropeworks, rigging, snow constructions, ramps bivuacs, igloos, etc
  • Script development, we can help to create realistic stories
  • We work together with film experienced mountainguides
  • Contacts with top companies in alpine sports industry make product placement thinkable
  • Clothes, skies, snowboards, glasses, goggles etc

Tommy Bonapace - high alpine rigging IMG_0782

commercial for ski bindings