Audi in a tunnel - July 2016

Location even indoor is interesting in the alps for a car shooting with special interest. Mountainroads require tunnels, so our challenge was to find a tunnel which can be used exclusively for a car shooting. Thanks to the tyrolean authorities we found great hospitality in a small tyrolean valley.

Great shoot, great film, as well great fotos as a spontaneous fotoshooting during the night occurred.

tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-11-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-10-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-9-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-8-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-7-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-6-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-5-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-4-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-3-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-2-von-11 tunnel2016_jungle-productions-bezi-freinademetz-1-von-11

Porsche Commercial - Autumn 2015

Serviceproduction was done by an italian colleague, with whom we work a lot. We did location scouting, locationmanagement, art director, production coordination and alpine safety.

Shooting in the early morning on nearly 3000 meters crerates amazing light situations and great images.

Fast car, perfect location - perfect product. everybody happy.

T-Mobile commercial shoot - October 2015

Locationscouting for snow in autumn is always a challenge. Here we realized 5 different commercials in snow in beginning of October. Director Tomas Barina directed with beautiful actor Ivan Trojan some funny spots.

Great athmosphere, a bit of artificial oxygen a great experience!

Thanks Radek!

Scouting in snow and ice - September 4th 2015

Scouting for snow locations in early september. We have some glaciers where we can get access through roads or cablecars. As these locations are high up in the alps, we can calculate with the earliest snowfalls of the season.

As soon as it snows snow is mostly conserved up there, so we can shoot in winterlandscapes already in early autumn.

BMW car commercial - 2015

Locationscouting for car commercials is always a pleasure, especially in times like this, where creatives get really great ideas, how to present cars.

THP from Berlin with Ralf always have great sceneries where they put the technical machines.

Great shots!

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BMW - Augmented by Reality DC from triggerhappyproductions on Vimeo.

Shootinglocation Matterhorn - May 2015

150th anniversary of 1st ascent.

Shooting on location in Zermatt for Austrian Television Servus TV, on the famous Matterhorn - a dream comes true! For Planetwatch who organized the shoot in a great way, i was helping out as mountaineering audio man. Was a great trip to the Matterhorn, where some days before the speedrecord of climbing the Northwall was done. Except of 2 peopel in the northface our crew were the only people on this usual quite crowded mountain. maybe the wintery conditions held other mountaineers down. the Matterhorn was climbed for the first time 150 years ago and Servus TV will do an outstanding tv production to celebrate this strong action by Sir Whymper and his friends.