Meßmer Tea commercial - 2014/15

Location scouting was a tricky one in this case, as we needed a lift operator willing to let us use his lift and stop it occasionally during the day. The lift had to be an "oldschool" one with obviously great surrounding snowy alpine landscape and logistic doable to bring crew and cast there.

In the heart of the Austian Alps, in the lovely province of Salzburg we scouted the ultimate location. Flexible and understanding locationowners made it possible to do this shoot during a great winterday. The shots of the cables and rolls high up on the lift poles were done by Bezi Freinademetz, as a mountainguide he was the only one allowed by the locationowner to enter these high structures.

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Flux - SAM - Location scouting till shoot in 4 days - January 2015

Flux - SAM - Location scouting till shoot in 4 days - January 2015

Olala no time for location scouting ... the very sympathic arthouse cinema movie production Velvetfilms from Paris were in desperate need for snow. As after having two disappointing experiences in the french and the italian alps, they came north and found what they were searching for: Snow, which was really hard to find in this "early winter". Within 4 days of prepare time we needed to scout locations for a Crosscountry World Cup Stadion, beautiful crosscountry trails in great nature and some small indoor locations. obviously logistic doable with a full set up cinema unit with 40 people crew, 50 extras, 4 trucks, 2 sprinters, 4 vans, some cars etc... challenge accepted and mission accomplished.

ZDF Terra Xpress - June 2014

ZDF Terra Xpress - June 2014

Shooting in a crevasse for German television, ZDF Terra Xpress.

Filming in a crevasse on 3000m, reenactment for a documentary about an 70 year old alpinist who fell into a crevasse in the Tyrolean Alps and survived for 6 days.

Preparing the crevasse for shooting was a challenge. it was made possible by some mountain guides in close cooperation with the skiresort technicians.

Das Berg Wunder von Tirol

Audi Commercial

Locationscouting for this Audi commercial was tricky, as the snowconditions were quite limited and we had to build some ramps and jumps from snow on a great place with great scenery... In the end we found this great place, and with the help of the touristboard we were able to make this shoot happen.

scenic place in a remote area

Cameraman on motorbike at Red Bull Romaniacs - 2014

To film the hardest enduro ralley in the world requires navigation and enduro skills. Its great fun and really hard work at the same time. the carpathian forests and mountains are breathtaking.

Romanian Landscape is amazing, people are friendly and have a lot of understanding for filmpeople!

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Service Production

  • Production management, logistics, locations in mid Europe and Romania
  • Location archive: Europe, Austria, Tirol, Osttirol, Südtirol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Kärnten, Oberösterreich, Steiermark, Niederösterreich, Italien, Frankreich, Romania, Canada, South America, Central America, Indonesia, New Zealand
  • Location management: legal affairs, working with local authorities, filmservice, productionservice in tirol
  • Crewbooking: makeup artists, drivers, propmaster, production assistant, light and grip, DOP, Directors
  • Equipment rental: austrian setphones, walkie talkies, Avalanche Beacons, etc.
  • Stuntcoordination: ski, snowboard, stuntmen, crevasses, bombing avalanches, snowboard, extremeskiing, hanggliding, kayak, freestyle, skiing, snowboarding, precisiondriver on snow, etc.
  • Script consulting
  • Housing
  • Catering

catering alpine IMG_6852

Location Scouting

winterliche Traumlandschaft direkt neben der Strasse in Tirol

The Alps offer various different landscapes and architecture. From classic more than 100 years old chalets to outstanding modern architecture.

Our alpine locations stood in for Antarctica, Norway, Himalaya, Canada and various other places already in our backyard.

Our biggest bonus is the perfect infrastructure in terms of streets or cable cars. We can approach eternal ice by car or truck and offer spectacular mountain views by only a short cable car ride or even directly from the road. Especially the touristic infrastructure of Tirol offers the possibility to reach great locations.

winterliche Traumlandschaft direkt neben der Strasse in Tirol


TV Productions

Filmdreh in Gletscherspalte/ Shoot in a crevasse on a glacier

Jungle Productions is your one stop shop for a wide range of services in the film industry.

  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Sports TV shows
  • Events live transmissions
  • Video editing
  • DVD production

beatuiful location just beside the road